English Edit

Compilation of helpful and relevant links to other sites:

  2. Phoenix Rising - Comprehensive general support group with forums, updates on relevant research, etc.
  3. Telegram chat support group - more information can be found here
  4. Video calls support group - more information can be found here
  5. Onward Through The Fog - compilation of many different resources pertaining to ME/CFS [1]

Dutch Edit

  1. - Information about causes, symptoms, and the role of psychologists and lobbyists who believe ME/CFS is all in the head, as well as news about research with added commentary.
  2. - Very up-to-date news (mostly translated to Dutch) and lots of information about the disease.
  3. - Directed towards ME/CFS and being unable (or partially able) to work, such as tips for applying for disability welfare ('uitkering'). They give great advice by phone as well, all run by volunteers.