Who We AreEdit

We are a Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME); Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); and Fibromyalgia (FM) support group.

What Is This Wiki ForEdit

This is a crowd-source repository of information pertaining to ME/CFS/FM, including user-submitted reports on treatments, diet, and lifestyle management tips. This includes information about relevant healthcare services, state funding for disability and homecare, and other logistical matters crucial to the lives of the chronically ill.

If you are here, presumably you or a loved one have been afflicted with one or more of these illnesses. Know that there are many others like you, who have been through and are going through similar situations.

You are not alone in this journey

The state of funding for ME/CFS/Fibro research is widely known to be abysmal. What we are building here is a wealth of information, albeit to a less scientifically rigorous standard than what would be acceptable in medical communities. This is done out of necessity, and not by choice.

As debilitating and awful as this sickness is, it is possible to live a life - not merely to survive day-by-day but to truly live - within a newly defined set of limits. But if doctors are not able to proffer much in terms of treatments or management protocols, we as a community of patients must take matters into our own hands - to ensure that we have agency in determining our eventual life outcomes.

Think You Or a Loved One Might Have ME/CFS/Fibro? Edit

We're here to help. Given that we are powered by current ME/CFS patients, we can shorten the "diagnostic odyssey" that most new patients experience in their search for helpful treatments. Many of us have already been through this process ourselves, in many different variations, across different countries and cultures.

If you suspect you or someone you care about might have ME/CFS/Fibro, check out our "General Info" section for more information about the illnesses, and existing diagnostic criteria.