Ideas to be implemented: Edit

  1. tips for your dr.'s visit:
    1. How to handle non-believers
    2. What to test for
    3. How to work with your doctor (ie: not against them, mutual learning, etc)
  2. general "fun" and not-so-fun anecdotes/experiences to share. it's a support group after all
  3. Add an easy-go-to-meals page for meal plans
  4. Add a category for 'activities for low-energy days'
  5. Add a section 'coping with chronic illness and happiness'?
  6. How to deal with health care systems in many different countries
  7. Add elaborate diet instructions (reasons, meals, effects)
  8. Tips about wheelchairs and other helpful aids (what type to get, and practical tips for users and pushers. Also for public transport. And facing emotions regarding using a wheelchair the first time.)
  9. Clinics/specialty medical facilities by city/region?
  10. Scaling disability tricategorial, 0-100%
  11. How to answer to 'How are you?'

Completed: Edit

  1. For medication: whether drugs are off label or on label, in what country
  2. shorter write-up on how to add stuff to this wiki, since the included tutorials may be too spoon-intensive